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Meet Your Videographer

Hello and welcome! My name is Jade! Hence the Jade in Shades of Jade films. First and foremost, I want to introduce myself as a care giver. I am here to provide a service and TAKE CARE of your needs. I really love to build a good client to professional relationship. I am here for you through this process. BUT I also want to get to know you and your future wife/husband through all of this. Getting married is a big deal. Planning a wedding is an even bigger deal! Seriously. It takes work, and I am here to make your experience as easy as I can. 

Being invited to weddings is a big deal and I do not take it lightly. This is your special event and I truly feel so honored to be invited to someone's greatest day. That being said, when your day is all said and done, your photos and video are the ONLY thing you will have to show for all your hard work. (Besides your amazing new marriage and family of course.) Invest in a good videographer + photographer. Your future self will thank you!  And I can confidently say I can provide excellent work.


Additionally, I am so happy you are here! I am sure you are just as thrilled, because you are getting married! And that my friend is something to freaking celebrate!

So much time and work goes into planning a wedding, so I hope I can be in any assistance to you if need be. I put so much passion and love into each video I create. I hope you love what you see, and we can create some lovey-dovey magic together. 

    - Jade Hall

Your Cinematic Love Story

If you are reading this, then there was something about my style of video making that stuck out to you. Some moment, some story, some couple’s wedding day or first look video caught your eye. My lovey- dovey slow motion, yet sometimes fast cut rhythm popped out to you. So, thank you! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I put WORK into what I do. Every video I create, I put my little heart into. I want to make you cry. I want to make your super tough hunk-of-a-man cry. I want to make your mom and your grandma cry. And LAUGH! So much laughter and love that deserves to be captured. I want to create something your future children, or future dog, or whoever it is, watch and think, “That is why they chose each other all those years ago.”

So, let’s capture your love! Turn your wedding day into something you can look back at and actually WATCH! Pictures are so wonderful, (and I highly recommend hiring a fantastic photographer) but a video COMES. TO. LIFE!

Wedding Collections

  • 10 hours of Video Coverage. 7-10 minute wedding film. 

  • Raw Video Footage Delivered on USB flash drive

  • Ceremony, Reception, Intimate moments, and everything in between!


Package 1


  • 8 hours of Video Coverage. 6-8 minute wedding film.

  •   Raw Video Footage Delivered on USB flash drive

  • Ceremony + Reception, and everything 8 hours covers!



Package 2


Package 3

  • 6 Hours of Video Coverage. 4-6 minute wedding film.

  • Raw Video Coverage Delivered on USB flash drive

  • Ceremony + Reception


Don't see what your looking for? No worries. I can customize anything for you. Just let me know what you are looking for. 

Video Add-Ons

Love Story Video | $500

  • Whether you choose to play it at the reception or to just have it for keeps sake—love story videos are something to cherish for forever.

  • I will take you to a location, get some lovey-dovey creative shots + Interview the both of you together and separately.

First Look Video | $400

  • That moment! You want to be able to watch it over and over. We are secretly hope he cries. First looks are moments that deserved to be captures. 

  • Separate video. 


Second Shooter | $50/hr 

  • I film the majority of my wedding days solo, using multiple cameras. If you feel the need to have a second shooter, I have to hire someone in your area that I trust +  pay them separately. Minimum of 4 hours. BUT rest assure, I have never felt like I missed out from filming solo. 

Friends + Family Interview Video | $600

  • These videos are so fun to have and look back on. I once had a bride tell me it was her favorite thing she got back.

  • This video MUST be done in advance to the wedding. It takes a lot coordination.

  • I interview friends + family about you two as a couple, and put together a video wishing you well in marriage. 

60 second sneak-peak video | $300

  • After I film your wedding day, I will create an additional sneak peak video within 48 hours of the wedding. 


Extra Hours 

  • $200/hr - on the day of the wedding. 

  • $275/hr - before or after wedding day. Any footage filmed during these extra hours, will be incorporated into the final wedding film. (If you choose to do a first look or bridals before the wedding date but don't want a separate video, this is what I recommend.)

Video add-ons are separate videos that are filmed before the wedding day. Most couples use these videos to play at a reception or dinner, or just for safe keeping. 

Got Questions?

I got answers!

Q: You are based in Salt Lake City - are there any travel fees?

A: No, there are no additional travel fees. I am currently based in Salt Lake City, Utah. However this job brings me all over the place to capture love! I have family both in Phoenix, Arizona + Denver, Colorado. Therefore I serve all 3 locations without any additional travel fees. I'll come to you. 

Q: How do I receive my Wedding Video(s)?

A: I do give a few things back to you! First, I upload the video to Vimeo and send you a link to where you can always watch it online. You can always download the video from Vimeo as well. I also will mail you a USB flash drive with all of the raw video footage + the video on it. 

Q: How much is the deposit?

A:  We charge $1000 up front to be paid when booking. The rest is to be completed no later than the week before your wedding! If you have an additional video (love story, first look, etc.), the payment for the video is to be paid on the day we film. 

Q: How long until after my wedding will I get my video back?

A: My contract says I have 90 days (unless specified otherwise for special reasoning). A rush edit is $100 extra if the video need to be deceived in under 30 days. I normally only take around 8 weeks to get it back to you! It also just depends on the season, time of year, and how booked I am! I am busiest in the Summer-Fall.

Q: Does audio for my vows/ceremony cost extra?

A: Voice Audio is included. I use a Bluetooth on-camera microphone lavalier set. I attach the small microphone to the groom (usually) and then can pick up the audio from the ceremony. It can also be used to pick up audio from speeches. I think adding sound makes each video and incooporate it into the video to tell the story of your wedding day!

Q: How do you do Music Licenses? Can I pick a specific song?

A: Copyright is the law! To use music in video, I have to buy a music license. Some songs are easy to find while others are just simply un-license-able. It is important you don’t just use any song though! If you wish to share your video to Facebook, Instagram, or any social media, your wedding video will get tagged and taken down if your video contains any popular music you do not own the rights to. All of my packages include licensed music from musicbed.com (one of the top-rated music licensing sites). You can pick a song from the website yourself, or I can pick for you! I can also send you song recommendations. However, choosing music that is licensable is non-negotionable. Music licensed through Music Bed are included, and will not cost you extra. However, if you want a song that is on a different website you are responsible for the cost (which can range $50-$150+ per song.) 

Let's Do This

How Do We Book?

Step 1: Let's chat about which package you want!

Step 2: Are you interested in setting up a phone call? I would love to chat and get to know + answer all your questions.

Step 3: Pay a deposit! This saves your date from other couples. 

Step 4: Sign a contract! This keeps the peace of mind!

And ThenYou Are All Booked!

Every moment, the vows + ceremony speeches, the way you looked at each other after the I-Do’s, and every little thing captured on camera in between is YOURS. Yes, all of the unedited, uncut video footage from your day is yours to keep. Some other videographers will not do this, while many will charge you 100’s of dollars extra. I believe it should be all yours! 

I provide what many others won't

After I complete your wedding video, I will mail you a USB flash drive with everything on it. Consider it my gift. 

All the raw video footage is yours.

No extra charge.

It's all in the reviews

One For The Road

Based in Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and Worldwide



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