and Intimate Weddings

Because love is the greatest adventure - and your wedding should be too.

What is an elopement and why should I get a video of it?

Elopements or Intimate weddings are the perfect reflection of your love, commitment,

and celebration of you and your person - in a small, authentic setting.

Authentic, Unique, Personal and Intimate.

These are all words to describe an elopement.

Because Big


Aren't For


To break it down even further, an elopement can be a few different things. It can be just you and your partner sharing vows on a cliff side in Oregon, or bringing your closest friends to witness your commitment on a mountainside in Colorado. It can even be a small, authentic, super-personal wedding with 20 guests next to a fjord in Norway. Just like your love, an elopement can be the greatest adventure. Elopements and intimate weddings are super personal, authentic, and UNIQUE. Just like your partnership. The bottom line is this; your wedding, your commitment, your vows - all deserve to be captured beautifully. 

Let's go on an Adventure

Getting Married with Nothing but the Wind as Your Witness

Elopements Aren't

What They Use To Be

The term 'elopement' doesn't necessary mean running off and planning a shot gun wedding - at least anymore. The term is now used for small, intimate weddings in a unique place that is special to you.  I don't want to put your wedding plans in a box or a label that just doesn't feel fit. You may be planning on getting married on a mountainside with just you and your partner and call it an elopement. You also may be getting married with 20 of your closest mates next to a lake in Oregon and call it a small-intimate wedding. Whatever your story may be, it absolutely deserves the best. It deserves to be captured beautifully. It deserves to be told for future generations to watch. Your amazing, unique, BOLD, adventurous story deserves to be documented. Because your wedding is JUST as important. 

Wedding Films

Bailey + Alan

Arches National Park, UT. Elopement.

Arches is amazing, there is no question about that. These two got ready before sunrise and then we hiked to a beautiful arch. After the sunrise, we found a secluded spot with the best view. Then these two shared promises that were unique to the. Moab is a great place to have an adventure. 

Marley + Gabrial

Uinta Mountains - Mirror Lake, Ut. Vow Exchange.

Utah is my home, and the High Uinta Wilderness is the best part of northern Utah in my opinion. The place is unlike any other and is a hidden gem. These two shared vows on a cliffside at sunrise. It made for a stunning and adventurous morning.

Jordan + Hayden

Snow Canyon, Utah. Elopement.

We started the morning in at sunrise in snow canyon for intimate and creative shots. Next, these two shared vows and promised to always love each other next to a beautiful secluded lake in southern Utah. 

Kris + Lauren

Glacier National Park, Montana. Intimate Wedding Film.

Kris + Lauren shared a small wedding with close loved ones on the lake shore of two medicines lake in East Glacier National Park. Their emotional ceremony and intimate footage tells a story of two people who love the mountains.

Kate + Leo

Canadian Rockies, Secret Location. Vow Exchange.

This wedding was one for the book. Kate and Leo knew of a secret lake in the Canadian rockies. I am sworn to secrecy, but the wedding came just in time. As the two hiked to the their vow location, the snow began to fall. The next day, there was 8 inches on the ground. This October wedding will forever hold a place in my heart.

Kendrick + Taylor

Zion National Park, Utah. Vow Exchange.

Young and in love! These two eloped in a place that was meaningful to them- Zion National Park! They shared a first look, read intimate letters, and danced around until sunset. It was a night to remember! 

Adventurous-Bad-Asses Ready To Elope?

Elopement + Intimate Wedding


** Travel prices will be built into your custom package after inquiry. This means no extra / hidden fees at the end!**

Prices for Elopements Start at


The Experience

And What's Included

  • Experienced Solo Shooter

    •  Running the whole day solo is a lot of work. But most of my weddings are shot solo, so I know how it's done! (meaning 1 videographer) This keeps things intimate and not too inorganic.

  • All Raw / Uncut Footage

    • Every moment from the greatest day ever delivered on a USB flash drive. This let's you go back and truly relive every moment from the best day ever over and over. I pride myself on being a documentarian. 

  • Wedding Highlight Film  

    • Your beautiful film will edited including the best and most emotional-fun-real-epic moments of your wedding day. My films range from 5-10 minutes depending on your day and booking. 

  • Vow and Audio Recording 

    • Pictures are an absolute must. But nothing will put you back in that feeling like having your favorite person's words play over the most epic shot of you two in a stunning location.

Why hello lovers

Jade here,

The artist and videographer behind all of the videos above. I wanted to talk to you about my work for a second. I understand that your wedding is SO important, and you aren't looking to just trust anyone. You want someone who matches you style and vibes. I hope I can be that person for you! I put so much hard work, energy, thought, and PASSION into the magic I create. I love working with people and their families. I love capturing love. I make a great 3rd wheel and I always strive to have happy and satisfied couples. So with that being said, let's get creative. Let's be passionate. I am here to capture your love story!

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