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5 Best Outdoor Venues In Phoenix Arizona Area

It is always pleasing to have an event outdoors, to enjoy the fresh breeze as you enjoy yourself. Here are the five best outdoor places to choose from for a special and memorable event.

Venue at the Groove

Venue at the Groove has a ranch/farm with a ballroom and a garden. This place has a breathtaking view, with pecan trees all around and lush green grass. It is equipped with a beautiful patio where you can sit under the stars. It has 30,000 twinkle lights that light up the tress as the sun sets, making it a jaw dropping view. The Venue at the Groove also has a chic and rustic interior with French doors which can be kept open to enjoy the breeze inside. This beautiful space is available all year round.

The Legacy Ballroom

The reason why you will love this space is that it has a forest, a garden with a patio and mountains in the background. The courtyard has a patio that is brick paved with a lush green garden. You can choose how to use both the spaces as this offers you a sophisticated ballroom with beautiful ivory drapes and huge chandeliers. It is available all year round with the option of playing amplified music indoors and outdoors without restrictions.

The Farm at South Mountain

This beautiful farm gives off a European-style feel due to its location. Their Canopy in the Groove has huge lush grassy areas with an abundance of flowers and pecan trees. These pecan trees are dressed in twinkle lights, gleaming in the dark and making the place look breathtaking. Its outdoor venue, the Stone Groove, is equipped with a bar and lounge. It is a work of art with its flowing walls that have been handcrafted using local granite.

Desert Botanical Garden

If you like meadow, fields, forests and mountains then this is the perfect place for you. The deserts’ beauty is showcased with wildflowers, cactus and scented herbs, while the patios and gardens have fountains, tress and twinkle lights. It has antique chandeliers and French doors. It has trail maps and docent-led tours that you and your guests can enjoy. It has a picturesque setting that you can enjoy and be mesmerized by.

Secret Garden

This beautiful estate is almost a century old. It offers a lush green garden with various kinds of trees and flowers including palm trees. You would love this space if you are into historical buildings or mansions. It has eight distinctive outdoor and indoor sites where you can hold events. It has landscaped grounds and a panoramic view of the meadows and fields. You can sit at the Garden patio and enjoy the weather and breeze.

There are many beautiful places in Phoenix, Arizona which offer stunning and breathtaking outdoor venues. All these above mentioned venues are available all year round making them easily accessible to you. So when you are planning an event, be sure to check out these venues for an amazing outdoor experience.

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