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Church of Dirt & What It Is Like To Get Married There.

Of course your dress, shoes and makeup matters but to experience the wedding, it is always the choice you make for a venue.

Since destination wedding is gaining popularity across the world one place that has it all factors involved is Utah's Church of Dirt outdoor wedding destination.

Utah's most popular yet unusual outdoor wedding venue is none other Church of Dirt. Located in Park City amidst beautiful green mountains, this venue is perfect for the couples who prefer non-traditional and cool destination wedding.

The Venue

It was created in 2012 for a wedding and has remained the same since then and that too for free. Church of Dirt is a venue with a small plot and wooden antique benches. The benches are made up of wood planks mounted on the two logs are divided into two sections in between is the aisle. Each section has 4 to 5 benches where the loved ones sit and enjoy the ceremony. The walkways are little bumpy and grassy. It gives a very unique experience of people connecting to Mother Nature. Unlike fancy reservations in the most traditional weddings, Church of Dirt has basic wooden sticks tied together and a pile of rocks. You can write your names and form a wedding card on the board as an invitation and simply keep it near the pile.

Nature Element

What is better than taking the vows under the sky? Since the wedding is not just about the vows but it's a whole experience. People, who love to choose the Church of Dirt as a wedding venue, are often daring and energetic. They prefer to feel that close to nature vibes. Moreover, you get to see magnificent valleys. You can explore them too if you get time.

Picture Perfect Shots

With gorgeous mountains stretching across the eyes, full bright sky above and cool breezes touching is an ultimate excitement for both the bride and groom and the videographers who are looking to capture spectacular moment and landscapes. According to many reviews, people love the breathtaking sunset view the most.

Parking Area

Church of Dirt has parking area facility too for the people who are visiting don't face any issues.


Well, to be honest, the roads are a little sharp and narrow. Drive carefully and you are good to go.

If you are planning for a destination wedding soon and in researching over a good outdoor place, consider the Church of Dirt as well. Church of Dirt is one of the coolest wedding destinations. It is great for couples who love to explore outdoor activities like hiking, climbing and cycling. If you are not from Utah then you also look up to nearby hotels which enhance your wedding experience even more.

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