The Wedding Guide

You my friend are one step closer to your bid day! Congrats! You have booked a wedding videographer!

Weddings are magical days. I have been in the industry long enough to know how overwhelming, exciting, and joyful this process can be. I want to be of assistance to you in any way I can. I am here to make your life easier. As a wedding vendor, I do know a lot of the in's and out's of the industry. I have seen it all! This is my invitation to you. If you need anything, I am here and will be here to the best of my capability. 

Below is some helpful advice. Not all of it may apply to you depending on what you booked me for.

Engagement Session / Love Story Video

Jade, what the heck is a love story video? Well, it is a video made while you are engaged to tell the story about how you two fell in love! Basically, we meet in a beautiful area and I interview you two. I ask questions about how you met, how you fell in love, and why you are choosing to spend your life together. Many choose to play this video at a dinner or reception. Or even for keep sake. If you have booked me already for a love story, lets get to planning a date! I need 4-6 week before the wedding date to film and edit the video. 


/ First Look Video

A first look can be done many different ways. Some choose to do it before hand, and create a whole separate video. Others choose to do it the day of the wedding and incorporate that moment into the highlight film. I even have had couples do it beforehand, and opt out of the separate first look video and instead add it into the highlight film. If you are more traditional, and saving that moment while you walk down the aisle, no worries! Do what makes you happy! There are no rules. If you are interested, or have already booked a first look - lets get planning! 

Let's Talk Lighting

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