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I strive to capture beautiful footage, intimate moments, and romantic vibes. Specializing in customer satisfaction 

and capturing the art of love.

This is why I keep doing what I am doing 

Capturing Moments and Telling Love Stories

      What To Expect      

I do things a little differently. I want to capture the big and the small moments. On your wedding day, I get in there and capture beautiful moments and produce artistic, romantic footage. I then let the day unfold naturally while I record anything and everything. My style is not only cinematic, but romantic, intimate, and full of joy. Lets take my style, your love, and create magic. Fun, blissful, happy, BEAUTIFUL magic. Wedding Videos range from 6-10 minutes. 

Investing in a wedding film will become your most prized possession. It means reliving moments shared between loved ones on the happiest day of your life. I capture artistic footage, intimate moments, and love between two people. I am so grateful for the friends I have made though this business, and I hope you can become one too! Plus, when will you get the chance to have a professional video made again?  

"11/10 in every way you can imagine. Take your dream wedding, multiple by 100, thats how your wedding video will turn out. My wife and I are weird about this stuff, we obsessed over every vendor we hired, and its no competition that Jade outshined them all. I can guarantee this girl won't let you down, in fact she'll be the real guest of honor. The best wedding videographer I could have ever asked for."

-Julia + Abbie


It is all in the 

Forever providing you with all  the nostalgic feels.

Your wedding day is about you. I truly want to provide my couples with the best service possibly. After I film your big day, in addition to your wedding video, all of the footage from your wedding is yours to keep. Yup, no extra charge. I believe it is important to be able to rewatch the raw clips. To relive the laughs and the tears just the way they were. To remember the way your mom or your maid of honor looked at you as you walked down the aisle or the weird jokes your uncle made in his speech. I want to provide you will the best.                  

All the raw, uncut footage is yours. 

Consider it my gift.


I take pride in providing a piece of treasure a family will forever look back on. Every event, wedding, or elopement is different. 

Here are my starting prices

Contact for Full Pricing

Utah - $2500 / Arizona - $2800 / Colorado - $2800
Average Investment Range from - $2800-$3800
Stateside Weddings (Travel Included) from - $3000
Elopements from - $3000
LDS Wedding  (no ceremony)  - Contact for Pricing
Abroad Destination -  Contact for Pricing

I create custom quotes to fit every need. Fill out the contact form and tell me the details of your wedding. I would love to set up a call and chat!

If you're still not convinced.. 

Here Are a Few More

"Breathtaking work that captured all the highlights"

"Jade is incredible as all the other reviews say. I searched high and low for someone that would give us the right feel and look for this important piece of our wedding. You can find several people that can give you a video of the wedding day but Jade captured the feel and vibe of the moments, she focused on the parts that really mattered to us as a couple, and did it in a timeless way. I am obsessed with how it turned out and I know it must have taken days just to sift through all the footage she had. 
Before our wedding we did a love story video and we waited to watch it until we were at our reception. It was such a fun piece and everyone watching it with us loved it. She had it to us in a timely manner and gave it to us in a format that we could have it ready and play for everyone without having to watch it first. I would highly recommend doing one of those videos. It was a fun experience for my husband and I and Jade made it so easy to talk and answer the questions she prepared in advance. For our wedding we had a very long day. Jade started at my home before the sun was up while I was getting ready, came to do our first look and bridal at a different location then was outside the temple waiting for us. After we had a luncheon and ring ceremony in another location followed by our reception and party. Jade was everywhere capturing the best moments but you know she is a pro because I didn’t even realize she was there. She worked seamlessly with our photographer and between the two of them we have that special day captured forever. 
Both my husband and I have high expectations for video and photography and we were more than thrilled to see the final results. Her eye for angles and lighting is not something you will find with an amateur.  If an occasion presents itself to use her again I would in a heartbeat. This is not an area that I would skimp on because you will forever have this to remember it by. 6 months after our wedding we watched it and it was like reliving that special day all over again! I’m positive that Jade won’t disappoint if you use her services. I could rave on more about her but I think her work speaks for itself."

-Cira + Adam

"Get ready to be wowed with an incredible piece of artwork and heirloom!"

"Jade is an INCREDIBLE artist and visionary and so flexible and creative! I had some loose, unique ideas for things I wanted to tape and show on our wedding day, so I hired her to make two films for us. My fiance and I agree that it was by far better than we even imagined! Before hiring Jade, I researched and interviewed with other videographers, as well, so I am writing this review with knowledge of what others offer and what makes Jade stand apart from them. Here are a few things that set Jade apart: 1) She is truly an artist. She knows lighting, she knows angles (she even made sure I didn't "lose my neck" in the shots so they would look prettier- I so appreciate that!), 2) she will turn your ideas into masterpieces - she is open to creative ideas for shoots and she will make it perfect. Just look at her vimeo account, and you'll see what I mean, 3) many videographers do not use sound clips, and I think you lose some of the story in that. Jade is a master at piecing together sound clips in ways that tell the story and keep the video engaging (she did a beautiful 11 minute love story for us that didn't feel like it "ran on" at all), 4) she uses VERY high quality equipment and her videos reflect that. Drone footage? Yes, she can do that. Stellar mics? She's got that too. She's also very good at hiding mics, so they are not distracting. The audio quality was SO clear. I watched other videographers' tapes and in most cases, sound was muffled and background noise was present, 5) she can think on her feet. My fiance and I were so excited to shoot with her at the Salt Flats, and she planned to use her drone there for us. None of us expected it to be so windy! While it was too windy for anyone to fly a drone that day, she took some creative shots with her other camera that gave the effect of a long-range shot, 6) she really listens and makes it YOUR shoot rather than just what fits her style. My fiance has written a few songs for me, and she incorporated the songs beautifully into the video. I also needed the video to loop seamlessly, but to still be clear when the video was ending, and she came up with a genius idea to begin the shoot with a pan up from the ground at the salt flats and to end by planning down to the ground at the salt flats, 7) her prices are very reasonable, particularly given the amount of time she clearly puts in to making them perfect, 8) she loves what she does, she has a college degree in it, and it shows, and 9) she is FUN! She is encouraging (but not in the annoying workout DVD trainer way :) and will tell you how pretty the shots are looking. If you're camera-shy or just not used to being filmed (like most of us!), you will want a videographer who can do this well. By the end of our second shoot, my fiance and I were trying to think of more reasons we needed her, because her quality is just so, so good! I don't normally write reviews (especially long ones like this), but Jade is worth it. Book her now! I promise you that you won't regret it!"

-Jenny + Caner

Based in Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and Worldwide



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